Born in 1966 in Rome, moved to Milan when he was a kid, Milanese by adoption, Roman by the heart.

He started to work as a PA at Filmmaster, Milan in 1989 one of the biggest Italian production companies, where soon he was able to move on to become one of the youngest line producers in the market. The Filmmaster experience was the perfect place to start in the industry and gave him a unique chance to work in important Italian and International campaign like Fiat, Bwm, Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Mercedes.

In year 2000 he left Filmmaster to join his brother Riccardo at L’isola production service, where he worked as Line producer for major international campaigns and side by side with top International director such as Tony Kaye, John Madden, Erick Ifergan, Jean Pierre Roux, Koen Mortier. Thanks to that, he was able to increase his wealth of experience collaborating with producers, agencies and clients from every part of the globe.

In year 2005 he founded, together with Ago Panini and Cecilia Mazzà , Lacasafilm, which then became Lebowskifilm. It has been a big challenge, because it was the first and only Italian production company co-owned by and based on one in-house director .The aim was to create a highly creative team able to work on any size budget with cost efficiency and, at the same time, providing the director with every facility required.

He truly believes that he is involved in one of he most fascinating and enjoyable professions in the world.

Born in 1967 in Turin , growing up in Milan to become a “Roman dude” a few decades later , Ago ( nick name for Agostino Silvio Michele Marcello Tullio Giovanni Maria ) Panini is one of the most successful directors in Italy.

He makes his debut in advertising in February 1997 with car commercials and since then has developed a special sensitivity for a particular genre of visual narrative , which has evolved and grown internationally with brands such as BMW , Mercedes , Lamborghini, Fiat , Seat, Opel , Peugeot, Alfa Romeo , Lancia, Renault …

Beside his intensive work in the auto sector , Ago has is passionately interested in shooting food , nurturing a different approach to the conventional cannons of the genre, as always treading his own unique path. That soon brings him to work with the market leaders : Barilla , Ferrero, Findus and some of his campaigns become ” benchmarks ” for the sector , changing the visual approach to food commercials.

In 2007 , he wrote, directed , and produced ” Waiting for the Sun,” his first feature film , winner of several, national and International festivals : a ” noire ” comedy. This experience strongly impacts his way of telling stories in commercials which, together with his visual flair, makes him a unique director with very broad experience in the art of filmmaking.

He never quit the world of photography and  has shot major campaigns for Barilla , Alfa Romeo and HP.