ago panini regista

Ago Panini regista

Il miglior regista italiano di pubblicità

Ago Panini è uno dei più conosciuti registi italiani specialmente per quanto riguarda riprese video inerenti alla pubblicità nel campo dell’automotive ma anche nel campo della moda e delle celebrità.

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Ago is one of the most established Italian directors worldwide. He is a storyteller specializing in auto, celebs, beauty/fashion & food.Ago is internationally acclaimed as one of the best directors in the automotive world with his sexy and premium capturing of sheet metal enhanced with storytelling. His work has cumulated in multiple awards, the latest being a Bronze Lion at Cannes, for the Fiat 500. He has directed award-winning commercials for brands like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Fiat, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Renault, Toyota and more. He is also well known for his work in the fashion and beauty world, having worked with celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Carla Bruni, Penelope Cruz and Gisele Bunchen, among ample more. In parallel, Ago developed his own style in the world of food moving away from the stereotypes of the genre, finding his own path. Being an auteur in this specific genre has led to collaborations with the leading Italian market brands: Barilla, Ferrero, Mulino Bianco. Some of his campaigns have become a benchmark in the food sector, changing the visual approach to how food is marketed.